Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Posted in Lower East Side, USofA by Lori E. Seid on 23 April 2010

Yesterday was Earth Day. It was also the day President Obama spoke at Cooper Union about Wall Street & Big Banks.The secret service drove him up Houston Street to Cooper Union and then back down Houston Street to the FDR Drive. Every single bicycle, from the FDR Drive to Broadway, on both sides of the street, was sawed off their locks with a giant electric chain saw and was then tossed up into a giant truck-bed crashing down on the previously sawed off bicycles, piled high & somewhat mangled.

Terrorist precaution–could be a bomb

No one was warned, of course, that would give the route away, so 100’s of people had no clue where their bike had gone when they came out to get them. I know because I came out just as the truck finished between 1st & 2nd Ave, and my buddy walking his dog described it in detail.

If it was a bomb wouldn’t it explode when they tossed it in the truck?

Today, these signs were posted. Typical NYPD  wordiness!                                     Happy Earth Day!!

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