Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Posted in East Village, Garden, iphone, magic, Mother Nature, Squid by Lori E. Seid on 14 June 2010

2 Easters Ago, well after the Easter Mass, The Russian Orthodox Church on 2nd Street, passed all their potted lillies down the fire exit steps to this old steel fire exit door that connects my building’s backyard to their escape. By the time I was actually able to get all the pots left out (the door only unlocks from their side) all the little stalks had yellowed & shriveled and just about died. But it was an offering of peace & community and I wanted those little guys to have a chance. Me & Raiken & Joni planted all of them and I watched them try. Rows of dead & dying little yellow stalks, their flowers long gone. Meanwhile we were also bringing fern & moss from upstate and seeing if it would grow in parts of the garden nothing else would. Towards the end of the summer I broke off the lillies dead stalks and replanted the bulbs, in a bed of fern that seemed to be really growing. Over the winter I watched it all freeze but kept talking to them like they were just in a winter coma and soon the earth would warm again melt them back and everybody would be ok. Much to my amazment it was true. The stalks turned green and started jetting towards the sky and the fern got deep and thick. I couldn’t love the whole garden more but this spot, of lillies and fern, well we have a thing going on. About a month ago i saw the buds starting and now, every morning, I greet them and look for any signs they might open. Just yesterday, i said to my neighbor, Martin, “do you think i need to do something, they aren’t opening, what should I do, do they need something” and he said calmly,  “Patience Lori, Patience. It’s all about patience” . OK I’ll love them just the same. This afternoon as I waited for my laundry to dry, I did my usual walk around to check everything was a-ok since the morning walk around, and who was there to greet me but our first lillies! Without realizing it I squeeled with glee so Squid came running over to see what was making me so happy…….well here it is. Our 1st Lilllies at 1st Street Garden!

Real Joy.


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