Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

A New Day & a $200 summons.

Posted in Criminal, critters, East Village, friends, human rights by Lori E. Seid on 21 June 2010

It’s the first day of summer. The dawn started bright at 5:45ish and Squid & I popped up to start a new day. Precoffee, prefocused, preanything, we just follow each other with Squid really leading. I just keep us safe from the crazy early morning drivers. He aimed for Tompkins’ Park-a new early morning habit, we stroll along, greeting all the other early dogs & their people and cut thru & around til we hit the corner of 7th & A. We have a routine. Once in the park & past ‘crusty row’, we cut around the Hare Krishna Tree. Squid saw SweetPea and they ran for each other as they are really old friends, for all his life since Squid was a newbie in the hood. Sweet Pea’s beloved Daddy, Charlie, was the main driving force that got the official little dog run to happen many years ago. Before that, we had the renegade “Little Dog Club”, on all the lawns in the park, which left us being chased & ticketed for dogs on the grass or whatever else white shirt cops could stick on us. But now we are all older. Change has come &  we tend to sit with our dogs on our laps catching up with each other as the dogs relax shaky older limbs. This morning at 7:05am, 2 Police SUV’s and a Van pulled over to us sitting on the ground with our dogs, by the benches behind the tree. The window of one rolled down  & a voice questioned why our dogs were off the leash.  Our ID’s were demanded and we were told to wait as the window rolled up and 2 other cops came out of their vehicles & joined the one to discuss our situation. 3 vehicals – 3 cops – 15 minutes of attention for aprox 11 lbs worth of unleashed dogs sitting on their owners lap, in a park, early in the morning.

The summons both Charlie & I received were for criminal court appearances (mandatory or a warrant for our arrests’ will be issued) and cost $200 each. The photo above is of the lawbreakers waiting, as instructed by the officer, while our ID’s were check for outstanding warrants or acts of terrorism or whatever these little critters could cook up. I do feel safer now, don’t you? What a way to start the longest day of the year!


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