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10-30-10 Restore Sanity Rally, Washingtom DC

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Kay Wanous; artist, beatnik, cranky funny friend

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Honored to have met you—enjoy chasing your beloved squirrels       10/21/10 4:30pm R.I.P.

Charlie catches me & joe watching iCarly

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Joey Arias

From photographer Lou Dembrow

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Taken at Kid’s Howl operated by the  Lower East Side’s Girl Club.  Squid came for the photo op!

Lightning, Thunder, Hail, Rain, Wind

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Oh and a bomb found on East 2nd Street earlier today.  Better than TV

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The Naked City

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FDNY EMS helps a very old & scared homeless man with extreme kindness. The guy on the left was so sweet, overhearing what he was saying made me love NYC in that way only a New Yorker could understand


Young Woman, hands handcuffed behind- her baby in a stroller in front; suspected of shoplifting; is publicly searched & questions by 7 cops (4 undercover), on the very crowded Broadway during rush hour. Several guys loudly taunt her as they walk by.

New York, New York— the real reason they named it twice!