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Pro Choice/Planned Parenthood Rally 1pm 2/26 2011

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Saving The American Dream Rally 26 Feb 2011 11am

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Keep In Touch

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So Not Wisconsin….

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More Words From the Street

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Nobody Knows Me; Artist

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Pop Up Art Gallery on Bowery, art by a man, who calls himself,  Nobody.

RIP–Chloe (Faith) Dzubilo 18 Feb 2011

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Artwork By Chloe

Ain’t nothing like knowin’ what it feels like…when you slip thru the cracks of society, political niceties, political correctness, health care, housing, employment, wealth, shoe stores, subways, family outings, holidays, systems, systems, Systems. Ain’t nothing like knowing these facts deep in one’s bones. When you’re transsexual. Ain’t nothing like knowing triumph over all of these adversities.” — Chloe Dzubilo

photo by Joe Westmoreland

Chloe Faith Dzubilo says that while living in the East Village, she was moved by the vision of a goddess to go to the Hudson. So began a personal relationship with a deity she calls Shela, who hovers above the waters and wears a flowing red caftan (“I hate to say it, but very Stevie Nicks,” Dzubilo confides). Shela has guided Dzubilo into a transgender identity and growing social activism.

“I think it’s natural and very human to go to the river,” she says. “When something happens to people who don’t have special practices and they need to seek stuff out, it’s sort of organic. They go outside. They go to the water.”

RIP dear Chloe


Mr. Joe “Goodluck” P. Westmoreland

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A mile in my shoes….

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Kindness for all Living Creatures, Please

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