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The Nuclear Survival Kit by Dona Ann McAdams

Posted in Art, Legendary, Outrageous, USofA by Lori E. Seid on 18 March 2011


photo copyright Dona Ann McAdams, 1981- Turkey Point, Miami Florida

From 1978-1985 artist Dona Ann McAdams traveled thru the United States making self portraits in front of Nuclear Reactors. The result, was a series of the most unbelievable, mindblowing, witty, smart & confrontational photographs’ contained in 1 artist book; The Nuclear Survival Kit.

(Within this series was the photograph above; actual control rooms within the reactors, with visable shelves full of thick books boasting ‘Operating Manual 1-4′ on their spines; family picnic table areas’ in fields just downwind of the reactors…)

This photograph was made 30 years ago.

An insight to how incredible and how important an artist Dona Ann McAdams is.

And how what’s happening in Japan will happen here. It’s all a matter of time.


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