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Three Mile Island, 32 years later and….

Posted in Art, Legendary, Politics, Sad Reality, Truth by Lori E. Seid on 28 March 2011

Photo copyright Dona Ann McAdams. From the series, The Nuclear Survival Kit, 1978-1986.  About this photo, she tells me;

That is  SMUD,   Sacramento Municipal Utility District,  the reactor is called Rancho Seco and  it was decommissioned in 1989 largely because it was a piece of shit. It became a nature trail named after  Charles Howard, the guy who owned Seabiscuit. Have a look in Wiki. Its better than fiction.

For more info on the Nuclear Survival Kit &  Dona Ann McAdams: https://lorieseid.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/the-nuclear-survival-kit-by-dona-ann-mcadams/

A bizzilion thank you’s to legendary artist, Dona Ann McAdams, for permission to print this and being so conscious — then & now—she actual knew today is the 32 anniversary of Three Mile island!

Please stay tuned here for more lent samples of Dona’s genius photographs as she readies her own website soon to be launched:  DonaAnnMcAdams.com



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