Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Please support: Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Posted in critters, Kindness, Sad Reality by Lori E. Seid on 29 March 2011

Lori,  You are a dear. You have my blessing to do this and start spreading the word. The fact is that there are many animals still alive, that need rescuing. Our group saved 2 dogs and a cow today. Many animals in Fukushima (the nuclear area) have just been deserted and left to starve to death. Some lucky dogs were let off their leash to fend for themselves. But it is unbelievable.
We have a great team up there now. (I’m at emails, phone and shelter duty all day.) We several cars going everyday looking for animals and we are going to save a lot in the end, doing what we can do with your help.

These days we get a lot of questions about our work and I say, if I were lost I’d want someone
to look for me. I can’t say how many we will save, but we will try.
In the end, Japan needs a better preparation for this kind of disaster. It is not the first and not the last.
I hope JEARS can work toward creating a plan to have a better faster more complete response
to animals crises in the future,
best to you,




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