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The Life of Royals

Posted in Life, Love, queer by Lori E. Seid on 30 April 2011

ok i know i’m late, but,  flew off to parentland yesterday afternoon so please forgive the indulgence….

30 years ago I was living in Ptown when young Di married Prince Boring. I lived in a one room “apartment” which was really just part of Uncle Lou’s 3 story decaying structure. Uncle Lou was a ’70 year young’ bulldyke who wore blue overalls’ and had the best suncracked face & twinkly devil eyes. Part fisherman & part anything that paid, she took in babydykes and old cars. Ford pickup trucks & chevys  in different states of disrepair lined the pebbled front lawn & the Provincetown Cemetery was our backyard.

To prepare, I went up Cape to a pawn shop & bought a $15 black & white tv. I invited everyone & anyone to my viewing party which started at 4am.  Even the campyest boys made fun of me, but i just didn’t care. This was, for me, about everything BUT marriage. To me & my cartoon brain, this was High Art & Life.

Even with all the ribbing I took,  at least 15 butch dykes & a few fems showed at 4am sharp. Most of us just finished the night out anyway so, no need to set an alarm. We all squished in around the little black & white with the hanger antenna, that I had put on milk crates in the yard, the cemetery a weirdly fitting back drop.  Smoking joints, shooting vodka & drinking black coffee we laughed our heads off knowing somehow we had shared a big chunk of pop culture & history.

To this day it remains one of my  most beloved, yet blurry, black & white memories.

Cut to now — Sweet Wills; hunky charming look alike son of dear Lady Di, marrying, gorgeous, powerful, mmmmmmmmmmmmmKate Middleton and hey- I just got a GIANT HD tv!!

Now, unfortunately, with all the instant replays on 5000 cable channels, the internet, & all the social network crap, conjoling a group of friends to a 4am viewing, that an alarm would have to be set for, was not happening. BUT, Katherine, Joe, and Bobby, viewing from their own comforts, did send texts & videos & we, alone yet still together, laughed our heads off.

The genius, Bobby Pearce, in his apartment watching the royal wedding, by himself, in his Tiara (i begged him to send me this self-portrait)

Another life moment when having some lube would be a very good idea

By 7am Squid needed his walk. This is what the East Village looked like at the moment the newly married Duke & Duchess entered their horse pulled glass carriage to ride them thru the streets of London (I know because Katherine kept texting me the most excellent iphone videos to keep me updated)

It’s a different world, but thankfully, I still have the same strangely political yet cartoon-like  grasp of reality…..

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