Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

1st Gay Marriage in NYC

Posted in freedom, human rights, Legendary, magic, New York City, outlaws, Performance, Politics, queer by Lori E. Seid on 25 June 2011

Mid Show at Performance Space 122, Derek announced the passage of the SAME SEX MARRIAGE BILL. The audience went insane-Sally Mae jumped up seizing the moment & explained she was ordained & a marriage must happen!

Karen & her girlfriend did not hesitate & within a blink of the eye, were center stage surrounded by the audience & were wed within a bubble of exploding love & pride.

Rip up your program & throw it like rice” screamed Sally & all 150 people obeyed with absolute pleasure.

I now pronounce you woman & woman -KISS!!!!!! “, and with that kiss 1000’s of pieces of tiny papers floated down upon them, like that first fabulous snow storm of winter, you know the one, where you leave those fresh footsteps on a path never walked before…..

Their first married-kiss was so deep & uncharted the entire room became involved & a giant KISS IN began

The KISS IN continued as couples, even ones that had just met, started really making out

And even though there was the whole second half of the show left, everyone just had to do another cheer and celebrate the LOVE

Luckily the 1st act to follow all this mayhem, was the genius & commanding Ruth Maleczech, of Mabou Mines, so the avant garde order was restored.

But, even though we all sat in the same seats & continued the way we started, we were all changed & forever united in that kind of once-in -a -lifetime moment, shared, on the stage of PS122, the day before it closes for a complete gutting & renovation. No worries, obviously all our angels are intact!


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