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McFly Flyer

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Multi Purpose Fire Escape

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Monday Monday…clean up efforts continue

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Hurricane Irene – There’s Got To Be A Morning After; 23 years later John Bernd…

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11pm heavy rain, thunder and lightning….nothing unusual…back to tvland


Doberman & his Human in their Hurricane Rain Gear

Squid’s favorite block buddy-Gino & his roomate Carly (and their human friends)

Best thing about Irene: The streets are still abandon in the early morning- just like how the East Village use to be – nobody out before Noon!

CLOSED!?  This is the old Roger’s Garden. Roger would have been open by 6am!

Irene Slays Lucky Chengs’ Dragon – the biggest damage we find other than branches

Not the cake but the newspaper is left out in the rain in 1st St Park (not McArthur’s)

9 am Non-dog people finally start to come out to take photos – these 3 guys hi-fived each other moments after this photo having witnessed the sun peaking thru the rain clouds

Prune finally joins the Irene Generation

And Squid wonders and sings ….”is that all there is…?”

Yes,Thankfully, for us anyway. Hope the same for you & yours xxxxx

And on another note:

Today, 28 Aug 2011, is the 23rd anniversary of the day John Bernd died. I still miss him. Every single day.

photo by Dona Ann McAdams

My Love Always to Our Little Family….

Hurricane Irene Coming- NYC Preps!

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The shelves of Whole Foods- 8pm Friday Night.

Chips, Bread, Peanut Butter, Beer, Canned Beans all gone, as late shoppers like me waited on lines wrapped around and around the entire store. I got the last 3 cans of Cheese Ravioli, Lamb Shanks for Squid and Oranges to fight off scurvy!

As I rushed to secure everything in the garden this morning, 2 girls from Japan wandered in and started photographing everything including each other. They spoke no english but understood my “Hurricane, Hurricane– Must leave Now!” request when I was no longer amused by their lengthy non stop documentation

But obviously the Hip Crowd could not be bothered with preping for Irene, just like any other Sat. the long line for brunch at Prune gathered around East 1st Street.

Good Luck Everybody – See Ya on the Other Side!

Just Keep Walking

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Times Square Photo Op

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and 1 more the old fashion way….

Happy 12th Birthday Little Dog!!!!

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They Grow-Up So Fast!

photo of Squid Driving by: Louise Mothersole

photo of Lifeguard Squid by: Ana Margaret Sanchez

photo of Close Up Squid: Me!


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Felt across 22 States and I just thought it was another truck hitting a pothole

Summer Breeze

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