Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

9/11 2011

Posted in critters, freedom, New York City, Politics, Sad Reality, self, Squid, World by Lori E. Seid on 11 September 2011

5am- Sunrise 9/11/11; The view from my window seat on the red eye home

8:20am Watching the WTC Ceremony from American Airlines Baggage Claim -JFK

Sunday’s News Stand

Great Jones Fire House Ceremony for Family & Friends of Lost Firemen

Accordion Playing Angel strolls around in The Marble Cemetary on E. 3rd Street

When Sept 11, 2001 instantly became 9/11, I raced home to get to my puppy, Squid. He had acted strange that morning, before the planes even hit, before a sentence like that could even be formed. That morning,  Squid jumped in front of me and blocked the door, barked relentlessly, physically tried to stop me from leaving my apartment. He never did it before and has never done it since. So strange were his actions I actually kept alert on the subway for pickpockets thinking he had a Lassie moment. Well he did.

43 minutes after I finally left for work, the first plane hit the world trade center. And when I watched as the second plane hit from the control room of the live news building I worked in,  it was obvious I had just witnessed, on those 16 television monitors mounted on 1 wall, the very moment the world had changed forever. But all I could focus on was the image of Squid  an hour before begging me not to leave.  I needed to get back downtown, home, so he could see I was alright.  So we could prepare for the end together. 

Walking home I saw a lot of things but it was when I got to the corner of 6th Street and 3rd Ave, and stood and watch the first tower come down that I knew time was running out. My neighbors and I held each other during the collapse, but I immediately pushed them away. Getting home became more of a panic. When I turned down E. 1st Street from 2nd Ave the other tower still stood, almost totally covered in smoke-clouds.

Finally home, I picked up Squid, a camera, and my neighbor, Nadine, who was sitting on our stoop silently crying. In that few minutes of time we heard  the rumble as the 2nd tower started it’s fall. We ran to the roof and saw the tower’s steel crumble into black clouds, fire and dust pile, collapsing onto the first tower’s rubble. Having no idea what else to do, we headed  towards 3rd Ave. A lot of people who made it safely out had started zombie-walking, away from the unknown & uptown on 3rd Ave. Everyone else began to gathered whatever  they could to help those who were covered in thick chalky-dust, cement-coated rubble, shocked dazes & blood.

I was never more proud or more in love with New York City then I was that day and the weeks and months to follow.

From the moment those planes hit, we stood together.

10 years, 2 wars and the patriot act later- it is those moments I choose to remember.


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