Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?


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Worthy of Lengthy Tribute….

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Frame Shop on 3rd Ave around 11th Street


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2 Supermen wander around Union Square looking for their party

We ARE here, we just can’t find the fuckin’ door

I hear them shout into the phone…..

More Street Wisdom…

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It actually makes good sense if you do the research:

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(southeast corner of 14th & Ave A)

AND I’m Smelling You…Lady Bunny Ain’t No Lady

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ok, maybe she ain’t your cup of poop BUT the only time I ever laughed this much or this hard in a ‘theatre’ was at The Book of Mormon;


FUCK gay marriage THIS is what we’ve been fighting for….

She Ain’t No Lady but she is a RARE GEN-IUS who unlike LaGa admits to stealing from others….

thank you Lady Bunion for keeping your nelly balls tucked last night


And the 2011 Bessie goes to……

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There were so many fabulous and deserving winners last night. And a FANTASTIC time was had by all (Lucy Sexton for Art Mayor, for real!) -but- this one win is very near & dear to my heart & soul

And the crew at The Apollo. The very reason I will always love live theater. Family.

Thank you.xoxoxoxox

The Bessie’s at The Apollo!

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Monday Oct 24, 2011

still a few $10.00 seats left–don’t miss out!!!

All Great Movements Have A Fringe- #OWS….

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my ankle still healing I have not been able to join Occupy Wall Street Protesters and take any photos except from passing taxi’s or accidental pass by’s. Everyone has been sending me photos and I have been following Tweets & Blogs to keep Friends from being Arrested in the More Heated Moments but today, I must take a moment to share this PHOTOgraph by JOE WESTMORELAND. He sent it to me yesterday after calling to tell me about this Fringe Movement. GET A PHOTO I screamed with laughter and off he ran to do so…………

Squid in a State of Disbelief

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even though they warned him, Squid still cannot believe his ‘friends’ allowed their mate to eat

DOG whilst traveling….