Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Spending Time in Zuccotti Park – OWS#

Posted in family, freedom, human rights, Legendary, Life, longing, magic, New York City, outlaws, Politics, street, Truth, USofA, World by Lori E. Seid on 5 November 2011

My ankle 100% healed, I asked Joe to go with me to Zuccotti Park.  Joe, like several of my friends, make almost daily trips of support to the park. Cleaning supplies, food for humans & pets, clothes, positive conversation, MIC CHECK, forums,  just sitting…it’s about doing whatever you can. And finally feeling that hope, promised by others who had power to gain, but a hope for change just the same. Like maybe we can make change like those believers that came before us.

Joe shows me the ropes, though it is so well planned and laid out the parks feels very safe and welcoming to join

Do go to Zuccotti Park. Do not just believe what you read. You have to feel the vibe. See the conversations happening. Be part of it. Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport. Our Future is Now.


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