Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Laura Kennedy-RIP

From the very moment I heard that bass twang, TWO MANY CREEPS, became the soundtrack to my life. Even now, cutting thru the cops at #OWS I hear it in my head & mouth the lyrics….

I don’t wanna go Out on the Streets Anymore…Cause These People Give Me, Give Me The Creeps, Anymore, I don’t wanna, TOO MANY CREEPS TOO MANY CREEPS TOO MANY CREEPS

The Bush Tetras:

Everyone knew Laura had been sick a very long time but still it was a fuckin kick to the gut to see that RIP next to her name. Rather than wax poetic, here are her words, which can be found on her blog;

“Us New York City kids from the ’80s, often transplanted from other cities, other countries, occasionally other planets (take a wild guess who I’m talking about) – we’ve kicked ass. We’ve taken names, too – and a good many of us have not only lived to tell, but are rockin’ the telling and rollin’ the living in a way that’s inspirational… We keep going, and going and going. I defy you to tell me that all of us weren’t defined by that moment in time that we shared. This has been apparent to me for a while, but more so now that we’re a decade into the oughts. We were blessed to come together in this life at a time that defined the End of a Century.”

“While it totally sucks that this illness has defined me, sometimes for years at a time, I’ve somehow managed to grow through it. I’m not going to call it a spiritual awakening, because there’s always been a relationship with a higher power in my life. But there’s a strong sense that the universe will provide. That what is meant to happen will happen. And that regardless of what happens, it’s going to be just fine. In fact, to paraphrase a lyric, better than fine.”

See ya, Laura Kennedy… Kick Ass Punk Funk Rocker Cool Chick & Foreva My Giant Crush

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