Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

Dedicated to The Homeless (*spelling doesn’t count!)

Posted in Criminal, human rights, Kindness, New York City, Outrageous, Politics, Truth by Lori E. Seid on 29 November 2011

Without public knowledge or debate the Bloomberg Admin passed a policy that makes people seeking a bed at city homeless shelters have to prove they have no other options. MUST SHOW PROOF.

The City Council is voting today on whether they should sue Bloomberg on this policy. Even whimpy (but I’m running for Mayor soon) Christine (but I’m against OWS) Quinn who is talkin’ smack to the press against her buddy The Mayor.

I vote they take Bloomberg’s wallet & phone away & let him live on the street for 24 hours. Lets’ hear his policy then.

* the sign should read: DOWN WITH FASCIST BLOOMBERG


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