Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS day. So busy, I forgot the date & posted the clown getting a ticket. I deal with AIDS everyday, i thought whilst walking my dog, if we still did The Day Without Art action on the 1st i would post a blank blog entry but we don’t….

Later in the day I rushed to The Center to watch a rehearsal with Lauper and the Youth Pride Choir. Cyndi is the most genuine human you will ever meet, famous or not & everyone in her world is an equal. A peer. A human being. In the middle of their rehearsal she looked back at a young girl she told to breath & said;

You’re shy right? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you nervous. I just want you to breath. I got the same problem. YOUS ALL NEED TO BREATH. Yous all belong here on the stage, in this country, in this world. YOUS ARE OUR FUTURE. Don’t EVA let anyone tell you different. YOUS ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD & YOUS ARE LOVED. I don’t care who or what comes at yous to tell you different, you breath & look them in the eye & say I BELONG HERE….

From her heart, from her truth, from her world.

Cyndi Lauper changed the life of every person, young or old, singing or standing, in that room, and I personally am still not over her words. On the surreal subway ride home I wondered what my life would have been like if while in high school or junior high school, at any point in my life, someone, like Cyndi Lauper, or a teacher, an adult, said what she said, to me. I wondered what support for being different, to recognizing who you really were at an early age would mean.

Let’s find out; support our future, our youth. Make sure they know they are wanted & loved every second of every day & not just on a day called World AIDS Day.

True Colors Fund

Home For the Holidays- Dec 4th- Beacon Theater


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