Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

17 Wo Hop – Still Hop-ing After All These Years

Posted in friends, Life, Love, New York City, queer, self, USofA, World by Lori E. Seid on 30 December 2011

Our party of two was walked right thru the line….

It’s Your Lucky Day,  said one frozen-nosed guy with a big party-

It’s her birthday,  said we

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! the line shouted with cheers & pure loving glee, smiles all around…

A true NYC moment & gift….

Dinner was perfect. And the chinese broccoli in oyster sauce that arrived after the fortune cookies was doggy bagged, No Charge For You! Broccoli FREE….. An unheard of  Wo Hop Miracle!

But the crowd on the steep stairs on our exit out were not friendly – packed & pissed they would not move to let us back up to the street, extremely angered by the smallness of our table….

ONLY TWO OF YA?!?- SHIT! That Sucks!!!

But Chinatown is a gift that keeps giving and 2 doors or so away my mood was back to giggly…..

Thank you NYC and all you hold


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