Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?

The Stunning Bunny Works The Grand Stairway (to the toilet of course)

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Lady Bunny at Radio City Music Hall


Squid Explores Left Over Scenes of Christmas

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Newt Uses His Wits & Charm to Get More Votes

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My Car Has Been Cock(ed)!!!!

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Love Is Pain

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The F train 9:36am

Family Emergency

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hey thanks for the concern- dealing with a family emergency but home for a second so here’s how my days have been;

Saturday i was going to post this photo of the Mars Bar…..but the phone rang

Murray rushed to hospital

Selma, Squid and I will become roommates for a few days

Squid and I walk a lot to cool off from the heat blasted in Selma’s assisted living apartment (background)

but it’s fuckin cold out

Squid wants home and now!

and after all these days we do find the road home, even if it is for only 24 hours….

There’s no place like home!

On my way back to familyland but this time i’ll actually bring things (computer!) with me…….

The seduction of NYC on a warm winter night

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The term NEVER FORGET it’s bigger than 2 tall buildings

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Smokes, Laughs, Stars & Gazing at Life Poolside

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After the cast screening of Turning, a movie by Charles Atlas.

Mark my words, this movie will change lives.

Commuting With The Sun

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ok i was walking the dog but others were commuting ….