Lori E. Seid… And How Was Your Day?


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Thank you Tom.

Thank you to all of you…my family of nutbags, misfits and crazyfolks.


RIP Tom Murrin aka Alien Comic aka Jack Bump 1939-2012

This photo is of the very last moment during, The Talking Show, The Magical Ridiculous Journey of  Alien Comic, as the final lights were fading; Tom, who is  covered in glitter that has just rained down from above, creates another glittery waterfall, as he bows to the overwhelming cheers of the audience.

An Eternal Standing Ovation to You My Dear Tom….A Beautiful Trail Of Glitter Will Follow You Always

I love you deeply.

Spring Has Sprung (with or without winter)

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The Other Side of The (Full) Moon

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Kembra’s Shrine To Full Moon remains untouched in Tompkin’s Square Temperance Fountain

Luna Macaroona’s Moonshine is a tad stronger for some…

Squid’s Full Moon Show

Doing The Luna Macaroona; sending love support and strength to Tom Murrin and all his loved ones (everybody!)

Capturing A Moment

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RIP- Apartment Mouse; 2012-2012- Connoisseur of Whitney Biennial

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so much to do so little time – RIP little guy