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The Real Power Ball…..

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was just thinking of Freddie Mercury and saw this gay pride photo….

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Happy You’re Welcome Day

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You’re Welcome Day

You’re Welcome Day is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving every year. The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin of You’re Welcome Day, but it only makes sense to have a You’re Welcome Day after a day of thanksgiving.

You’re welcome is a polite way to respond to thanks and implies that the other person is welcome to request additional favors. Make it a point to be polite on You’re Welcome Day.

TURNING film premier at DOCNYC

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The US premier of Antony’s and Charles Atlas film TURNING

The Gorgeous Women of TURNING surrounds director  Charles Atlas

 Producer Lucy Sexton making sure everything (including Charlie) is happening!

The Amazing Audience happily waits on the second best block-long  line of the week (the voting line still rules!)

Antony lovingly introduces Nomi Ruiz at the after party

Nomi melts our collective hearts

Charlie Atlas finds the orange light and glows in the aftermath of the phenomenal evening

And you too can share in the extraordinary celebration – TURNING is screening at

The IFC Cinema in NYC 

November 16-22

i was on this tour….please trust me…this is not to be missed….this is love


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Me and my Arrow
taking the high road
where ever we go
everyone knows
it’s me and my Arrow

4 more years.

Post Sandy Catch Up

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I shut my eyes in the darken hallway
Until I get my flashlite out of my pocket
Squid hates the dark & I carry Him to & fro
Sometimes the sunlite shines thru the front door & he races back towards it hating the short dark journey to our apt door
Once inside it’s regular & he’s fine
Even at night the flickering candle resembles the tv lite- maybe that’s why I chose to put it there
It makes it feel regular to us