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My Childhood Hero

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for as long as i can remember I have been a pop-culture hag.

i have more useless crap in my headbut it’s what i do…it’s who i am.

One of the biggest influences on my life started early – i read Liz Smith’s column everyday and yes it was gossipbut long before the nasty snarky horrible abusive crap published non stop today.

Because of Liz Smith I developed a love for show business and a curiosity for what happened behind the scene.

Last night I got to tell herĀ  that. It made us both very happy.

les & liz smith

thank you to Katherine Copeland Anderson for taking such a fantastic photo


Sunday Morning Street Art-EV Style

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Dick Lanedoes the new bike lane symbol look like bikers are being called Dick Heads to anybody else?

Downtown, Uptown NY NY

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hipsterfishThe outside of what use to be CBGB’s Cafe (it then became a gallery and now…?)

turtletimeEast 103rd Street, this gentleman was walking his 7 year old turtle before the rain

Friday Afternoon Crowded F Train Exit

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subway fashionI shot this exactly when they shot thus the light/dark effect. I like it cause it makes a very drastic us vs them feeling! Maybe you had to be there to hear the assistant yelling at me to stop taking pictures! Meanwhile they had another guy on the steps holding the strobe flash blocking the stairs as well.
Because they can. They are fashion you know. We are nobody.

RIP- Taylor Mead; Underground Super Star / Downtown Legend

taylor-meadeThe beautiful Taylor Mead talking to Squid as he walked down E. 1st Street.

Taylor use to walk all thru the East Village feeding the ferrel cats while listening to his walkman.

RIP dear Taylor- Beloved Bohemian and Gentle Man


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yep. it was one of those weeks. again.

RIP- Jane Henson, Co- Creator of The Muppets

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Big Bird & Joey Arias

Joey Arias and Big BirdĀ  at a benefit honoring Cheryl, one of Jane Henson’s daughters’ who followed in the family footsteps. RIP Jane.

Oh If Only I was in London – Charles Atlas + @ The Tate Tanks!

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If you are in London- a pox on you if you miss seeing this!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Charlie @ MOMA

Tate Live: Charlie Atlas and Collaborators

Too Bad It’s True….

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(Pre-Show) ICONS

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