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New Friend – Coney Island Photographer-Abe Feinstein

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Abe stopped us to talk cameras and fast friends we became! He told us about his photo show; how he use to sell cameras; and his love for his wife of 55 years and, of course, Coney Island. We made a date for the summer to meet again and trade photos.

photo abe


Christmas at Coney Island – Traditions Continue

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For several years we have spent Christmas Day at Coney Island – it just didn’t feel right not to go…Nathan's


red flag

wonder wheel


Really missed the Nathan’s dinner after the seaside walk but was so happy to see Coney’s survival-
the best holiday present possible.

Be Your Genius Self

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Our Traditional Christmas (Version 2011)

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Happy Boxing Day!

Coney Island Evictions

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“We understand Coney Island is not Miami Beach. We want to keep what is already working there” said Zamperla USA President, when discussing they would allow Ruby’s Bar & Paul’s Daughter to remain on the Boardwalk.

Not saved was Grill House, Cha Cha’s Bar, and Gyro Corner.

FYI: Shoot The Freak was bulldozed last year. Not that I liked it, except for photo ops’

Hey Joey- guess yas gotta goes to da Jersey Shore–Zamperla, the ‘Italian ride maker’ saz ya ain’t Brooklyn no more…

Coney Island!

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Bus-Stop Advert in front of Nathan’s Famous

Unexplainable exhibit* (?!) outside the Ghost Hole ride….make your own jokes, we had plenty!

*(Mohawk Guy not only gushes water from his mouth but also from his butt)

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‘Give Me A Freak! Any Day of The Week’…..*

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*  ‘Give Me A Freak’,  from the score of Boy George’s Broadway Musical, Taboo.

Give Me A Freak/ Anyday of the week/I’m comfortable with those/ You call demented…

Rabbi Abraham Abraham, Coney Island Strongman; RIP

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Leader of the Ice Breakers, ‘The Rabbi’ loved to swim the ocean in the dead of winter. The group is also known for their proud, public displays’ of strength, almost 1/2 the members well into their 70’s, The Rabbi himself was 77.

Rabbi Abraham was crowned King Neptune of  The Mermaid Parade in 1999. During the parade he would constantly stop the flow of traffic to dance the jig & do one-armed pushups.

He sat in an ice-cube igloo he built, for 110 hours, shattering David Blaine’s record of 63 -landing the spot in the Guinness Book of World records.

An actual ordained Rabbi, Abraham Novitsky never led an official synagogue. Those who knew him believed his synagogue was the beach.

I took this photo of The Rabbi at the last Mermaid Parade, 2010.

With all the crowd, costumes & chaos, he still stood out & above it all.  So much so,  I’m sure I have a photo of him from every trip I took out to Coney Island, year after year, no matter what season it was.

Abraham was the very essence of Coney Island and it’s character, and there will be a giant void without him strolling the board walk, flexing his muscles, twirling his mustache and his flashing that loving smile .

Rest in Peace Dear Rabbi Abraham Abraham.

Hot Summer Weekend!!

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