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Oh If Only I was in London – Charles Atlas + @ The Tate Tanks!

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If you are in London- a pox on you if you miss seeing this!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Charlie @ MOMA

Tate Live: Charlie Atlas and Collaborators


The Great Champion of the Arts- Ellie Covan

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Ellie Covan

Arriving at Dixon Place supporting the artists, the audiences and the future of the art scene

The Last One

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The Actor Prepares

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Naked Lady (pre Naked) applies the Eyelash

Nurse Mike

Mike (pre Nurse Vendetta K Starr) ponders the lyrics to the new song; Fresh Coconuts

Even when your stage is a van travelly thru the streets of NYC – rest assured preparation is needed

Surviving Love and Death – John Bernd; 8 May 1953 – 28 August 1988

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Dear John,

Not a day has gone by in all these years (TWENTY FOUR) that i don’t think about you

Some days even more than others, but everyday.  YOU taught me so much about so much

Because of your friendship, love, wisdom and desire to share your life and your death with me,

i am  who i am 


How wild that you named your show Surviving Love and Death.  In 1981. You knew you were sick but it was before ‘they’ even had a name for what it was.  YOU, the artist, knew though. You knew that there was many lessons to learn and as many battles to fight.  You taught me well dear John.

And the battles continue.

Every year on the day marking your death I think how many more years I have known you dead than alive and how little that actually matters  EXCEPT  i would give anything to see you grow old and continue dancing and making work and sharing your beautiful soul with the rest of us. 

But i do still feel you doing that, looking after us, and making me see things i would never had seen without you in my life.

the custom made road case John had built for his little red chair

Because of you John Bernd, there will forever be an endless supply of love in my heart

Photo of John Bernd dancing by Dona Ann McAdams. John’s little red chair is in the background.

The Voluptuous GENIUS of Karen Black at Antony’s Meltdown

The absolutely phenomenal artist, Kembra Pfahler, and her Karen Black dancers’ backstage before and after the show of shows!

More Genius Meltdown Moments….Joey Arias & Chrissy Lux

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Chrissy Lux rehearses before show……Trust me, these plates are really spinning!

Chrissy Lux now in costume (still spinning plates) takes a pose with Joey Arias, before the show

The phenomenal Joey Arias and his equally fantastic quartet brought the sold out Meltdown crowd to another place and time

Antony’s Meltdown; The Most Fantastic Festival Ever!

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The most amazing and honorable Yoshito Ohno gazing upon his own name on the bigger than life festival poster

Pink Full Moon

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Laissez Bon Temps Rouler at (le) Poisson Rouge!

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True Royality- Our King and Queen: Judith Malina & Taylor Mead

Pure Stage Genius, the amazing – Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo’s dancer, The Egg, enters….. sorry you missed seeing her hatch!

Lady Circus in the dressing room!

Mr Showbiz himself, the one & only MURRAY HILL, makes the costume judging fun & fantasticly funny!

Direct from New Orleans, Los Po-Boys Citos, turned it out, over & into a frenzy!

AND, my favorite new person- Bernice (aka Boom Boom), the drummer for Middle Church Choir who danced all night!

A true Fat Tuesday celebration, sold out & full of love for The Lower East Side Girl’s Club!

Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!!!!!!!!