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Welcome Back; I’ve Missed You All

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taken from the back seat of the taxi coming from JFK flight from LHR



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2 Supermen wander around Union Square looking for their party

We ARE here, we just can’t find the fuckin’ door

I hear them shout into the phone…..

Arias With A Twist -MUST SEE!

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ya know how we all bitch about NYC not being the NYC we love, fight and live for…. well here are 2 amazing and GIANT reasons that complaint does not always hold up….

ARIAS WITH A TWIST  @ Abrons Art Center

The absolute GENIUS Joey Arias in outer space

Basil Twist’s NYC comes alive (MUST SEE ALL SETS<PUPPETS >LIVE!)

Beyond stunning 50′ Joey has to get to the theater!

Suck the bitter, cynical, burnt out, tired-whiner right out of yourself and spend an unforgetable evening with the stunning, brilliant and superior  Joey Arias in the magical, comical, genius world of mind-blowing Basil Twist.

Just the thank yous and recognition of the puppeteers during the bows will send you warm and fuzzy into the night.


(i took these iphone photos illegally much to the unhappiness of my elderly gentleman usher-Sir- again- I am sorry but the announcement did say No FLASH Photography….and i didn’t use a flash!)

Uncle Sam is A Big Bully!

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Fabulous old guy asking for money outside the midtown tunnel. I gave him every drop of change i had, which only hurt later when i needed change for the meter. Oh well, he was worth it.

The Kindness of Strangers

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Good Advice for Tough Times

Low Moon over East Houston, NYC

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yes but which bright orb is actually the moon!

Avant Guarde Arama @ PS122

Friday nights AGA at PS 122 was so fabulous outrageous & filled with genius it is an excellent reminder of who we are & why we do it. One more night tonite & then gone forever, in a way, as any future AGA will be in another space, place & time.

Jet Lag

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NYC makes everyone a tourist at some point!

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34th Street around midnight on a spring night

Outside Old Navy — 6th Ave & 18th Street @ Rushhour

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‘My Clothes are Better than The Shit They Buy in There – Give me One Dollar’

I gave him two.