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12 May 2013 Happy Mother’s Day

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selmaI was always so bad about mailing the cards on time and the phone call at the right time

 Self -made Hallmark Holiday I would always say to justify my tardiness

Anyway I’m more the –

I saw this and it made me think of you so Happy Random Every Day

And even though

Selma is from that generation that needs the card on time to have something to show the neighbors

And would

Get hurt & pissed off at me, she loved and supported who I am as best she could my entire life.

And now,

She no longer really knows one day from the next

And so

Happy Random Every Day has become the fabulous way of our lives together.

But in her honor,

Of what was and still is important so she feels the love and support she always gave me

With card and flowers in hand and from deep in my heart;

Happy Mother’s Day My Dear Mom

My love for you is more than you could ever understand but I’ll always do my best for you to know it

Love, LES


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

Male, female, gay, straight, undefined, human or critter


We are all, in some way, in some how

A mother to somebody.

Love, Lori and Squid E. Seid


RIP- Taylor Mead; Underground Super Star / Downtown Legend

taylor-meadeThe beautiful Taylor Mead talking to Squid as he walked down E. 1st Street.

Taylor use to walk all thru the East Village feeding the ferrel cats while listening to his walkman.

RIP dear Taylor- Beloved Bohemian and Gentle Man

Window Sill Squid

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Squid watches the world outside waiting for me to feel better. He doesn’t mind, he’s my best friend.

Family Swim at Beaverkill River

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To the Mountains for a Long Weekend

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Peggy, Squid and me left at sunrise to beat the traffic on the Future 86. Here is Squid’s favorite rest stop after the bridge- a must – so he doesn’t get car sick the whole way up

A quick hello to Lois and then Me and Squid run off to the pond to chase frogs- a favorite sport…

(don’t worry we don’t catch them just like to watch them hop!)

Selma says “You can have a new career!”

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My first ever manicure, thankfully, the kindness of my Mom made it successful!

Surviving Love and Death – John Bernd; 8 May 1953 – 28 August 1988

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Dear John,

Not a day has gone by in all these years (TWENTY FOUR) that i don’t think about you

Some days even more than others, but everyday.  YOU taught me so much about so much

Because of your friendship, love, wisdom and desire to share your life and your death with me,

i am  who i am 


How wild that you named your show Surviving Love and Death.  In 1981. You knew you were sick but it was before ‘they’ even had a name for what it was.  YOU, the artist, knew though. You knew that there was many lessons to learn and as many battles to fight.  You taught me well dear John.

And the battles continue.

Every year on the day marking your death I think how many more years I have known you dead than alive and how little that actually matters  EXCEPT  i would give anything to see you grow old and continue dancing and making work and sharing your beautiful soul with the rest of us. 

But i do still feel you doing that, looking after us, and making me see things i would never had seen without you in my life.

the custom made road case John had built for his little red chair

Because of you John Bernd, there will forever be an endless supply of love in my heart

Photo of John Bernd dancing by Dona Ann McAdams. John’s little red chair is in the background.

Birthday Goddess

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Exit and Enter; Coming and Going and Back Again

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Exiting the assisted living apartments after a 24 hour stay

Entering NYC as it’s being kissed by Mother Nature

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS day. So busy, I forgot the date & posted the clown getting a ticket. I deal with AIDS everyday, i thought whilst walking my dog, if we still did The Day Without Art action on the 1st i would post a blank blog entry but we don’t….

Later in the day I rushed to The Center to watch a rehearsal with Lauper and the Youth Pride Choir. Cyndi is the most genuine human you will ever meet, famous or not & everyone in her world is an equal. A peer. A human being. In the middle of their rehearsal she looked back at a young girl she told to breath & said;

You’re shy right? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you nervous. I just want you to breath. I got the same problem. YOUS ALL NEED TO BREATH. Yous all belong here on the stage, in this country, in this world. YOUS ARE OUR FUTURE. Don’t EVA let anyone tell you different. YOUS ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD & YOUS ARE LOVED. I don’t care who or what comes at yous to tell you different, you breath & look them in the eye & say I BELONG HERE….

From her heart, from her truth, from her world.

Cyndi Lauper changed the life of every person, young or old, singing or standing, in that room, and I personally am still not over her words. On the surreal subway ride home I wondered what my life would have been like if while in high school or junior high school, at any point in my life, someone, like Cyndi Lauper, or a teacher, an adult, said what she said, to me. I wondered what support for being different, to recognizing who you really were at an early age would mean.

Let’s find out; support our future, our youth. Make sure they know they are wanted & loved every second of every day & not just on a day called World AIDS Day.

True Colors Fund

Home For the Holidays- Dec 4th- Beacon Theater