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Spring Fever Weekend NYC 2013

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spring bike


To the Mountains for a Long Weekend

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Peggy, Squid and me left at sunrise to beat the traffic on the Future 86. Here is Squid’s favorite rest stop after the bridge- a must – so he doesn’t get car sick the whole way up

A quick hello to Lois and then Me and Squid run off to the pond to chase frogs- a favorite sport…

(don’t worry we don’t catch them just like to watch them hop!)

Pink Full Moon

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Happy Madonna 1/2 Time Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Coney Island Evictions

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“We understand Coney Island is not Miami Beach. We want to keep what is already working there” said Zamperla USA President, when discussing they would allow Ruby’s Bar & Paul’s Daughter to remain on the Boardwalk.

Not saved was Grill House, Cha Cha’s Bar, and Gyro Corner.

FYI: Shoot The Freak was bulldozed last year. Not that I liked it, except for photo ops’

Hey Joey- guess yas gotta goes to da Jersey Shore–Zamperla, the ‘Italian ride maker’ saz ya ain’t Brooklyn no more…

Chillin on Last (Official) Sunday of Summer 2011

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Dreamin’ of a Hammock

Labor Day Weekend Kicks Off

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Charles Atlas: Joints Array

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On View Thru August 28,2011

Warning Heard Loud & Clear!!

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****weird ad plastered all over for the Smurf movie–after seeing the tv ads I think most people will agree & just say NO! to another bad summer (smurf) movie***

The LES Lounge @ PS 122

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Amanda Palmer

Drag Queen Bride

Tina Havelock Stevens

The end of an era. Now time to make a new one.