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Squid and His Wild Blue Bells

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Squid's Blue BellsSquid’s never been a fan of hard rain but he gets that it all helps the garden grow! He is pleased that all the beautiful great smelling plants have returned after a winter that seemed never ending!


RIP- Taylor Mead; Underground Super Star / Downtown Legend

taylor-meadeThe beautiful Taylor Mead talking to Squid as he walked down E. 1st Street.

Taylor use to walk all thru the East Village feeding the ferrel cats while listening to his walkman.

RIP dear Taylor- Beloved Bohemian and Gentle Man

Happy Puppy Day

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2 From The Life of Squid…..

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Goodnight 2012 Good Morning 2013

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'the big one'

silver ballons


1st walk2013

HNY mask


Window Sill Squid

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Squid watches the world outside waiting for me to feel better. He doesn’t mind, he’s my best friend.

Happy You’re Welcome Day

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You’re Welcome Day

You’re Welcome Day is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving every year. The staff at National Whatever Day were unable to discover the origin of You’re Welcome Day, but it only makes sense to have a You’re Welcome Day after a day of thanksgiving.

You’re welcome is a polite way to respond to thanks and implies that the other person is welcome to request additional favors. Make it a point to be polite on You’re Welcome Day.

To the Mountains for a Long Weekend

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Peggy, Squid and me left at sunrise to beat the traffic on the Future 86. Here is Squid’s favorite rest stop after the bridge- a must – so he doesn’t get car sick the whole way up

A quick hello to Lois and then Me and Squid run off to the pond to chase frogs- a favorite sport…

(don’t worry we don’t catch them just like to watch them hop!)

Today, My Boy Becomes a Man; Squid E. Seid is 13…..

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to those who sent checks and presents already- Squid always the gentleman says;

E. Bunny Hiding His Eggs

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Happy Sunday!