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Oh If Only I was in London – Charles Atlas + @ The Tate Tanks!

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If you are in London- a pox on you if you miss seeing this!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Charlie @ MOMA

Tate Live: Charlie Atlas and Collaborators


TURNING film premier at DOCNYC

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The US premier of Antony’s and Charles Atlas film TURNING

The Gorgeous Women of TURNING surrounds director  Charles Atlas

 Producer Lucy Sexton making sure everything (including Charlie) is happening!

The Amazing Audience happily waits on the second best block-long  line of the week (the voting line still rules!)

Antony lovingly introduces Nomi Ruiz at the after party

Nomi melts our collective hearts

Charlie Atlas finds the orange light and glows in the aftermath of the phenomenal evening

And you too can share in the extraordinary celebration – TURNING is screening at

The IFC Cinema in NYC 

November 16-22

i was on this tour….please trust me…this is not to be missed….this is love

Short Pause in Orange and Blue

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The Voluptuous GENIUS of Karen Black at Antony’s Meltdown

The absolutely phenomenal artist, Kembra Pfahler, and her Karen Black dancers’ backstage before and after the show of shows!

More Genius Meltdown Moments….Joey Arias & Chrissy Lux

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Chrissy Lux rehearses before show……Trust me, these plates are really spinning!

Chrissy Lux now in costume (still spinning plates) takes a pose with Joey Arias, before the show

The phenomenal Joey Arias and his equally fantastic quartet brought the sold out Meltdown crowd to another place and time

Diamanda Galás at Antony’s Meltdown; Sublime Genius

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Ron Athey and Charles Atlas…post Diamanda glow

after show Johanna Constantine and friend make a Diamanda sandwich of love

Antony’s Meltdown; The Most Fantastic Festival Ever!

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The most amazing and honorable Yoshito Ohno gazing upon his own name on the bigger than life festival poster

Birthday Goddess

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