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A Few More Moments from Monday’s March in the Village…

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turn to the left


line up


Summer Magic Hour- New York City Style!

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Summer Streets of NYC

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Silent Lightning Flashes over 14th Street – there was no thunder claps by this point – just flashes from the NJ side of the Hudson. This photo from my iphone caught the light but weirdly cut the sky in 1/2 capturing images of the clouds lit by the flash & keeping the rest of the night sky dark

Crochet Shopping Cart sits cheerfully outside Tompkins Square Park, the park’s truck makes the perfect backdrop!

Basketball Trophy sits abandon in Tompkins Square Park;  it was given to the runner up so no one really cares!                          (note: that’s 2011 on bottom section)

Even though everyone has their own cellphone it’s obvious that the idea of  the phone booth is missed

Winter Magic Hour, WV style

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