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My Childhood Hero

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for as long as i can remember I have been a pop-culture hag.

i have more useless crap in my headbut it’s what i do…it’s who i am.

One of the biggest influences on my life started early – i read Liz Smith’s column everyday and yes it was gossipbut long before the nasty snarky horrible abusive crap published non stop today.

Because of Liz Smith I developed a love for show business and a curiosity for what happened behind the scene.

Last night I got to tell her  that. It made us both very happy.

les & liz smith

thank you to Katherine Copeland Anderson for taking such a fantastic photo


12 May 2013 Happy Mother’s Day

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selmaI was always so bad about mailing the cards on time and the phone call at the right time

 Self -made Hallmark Holiday I would always say to justify my tardiness

Anyway I’m more the –

I saw this and it made me think of you so Happy Random Every Day

And even though

Selma is from that generation that needs the card on time to have something to show the neighbors

And would

Get hurt & pissed off at me, she loved and supported who I am as best she could my entire life.

And now,

She no longer really knows one day from the next

And so

Happy Random Every Day has become the fabulous way of our lives together.

But in her honor,

Of what was and still is important so she feels the love and support she always gave me

With card and flowers in hand and from deep in my heart;

Happy Mother’s Day My Dear Mom

My love for you is more than you could ever understand but I’ll always do my best for you to know it

Love, LES


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

Male, female, gay, straight, undefined, human or critter


We are all, in some way, in some how

A mother to somebody.

Love, Lori and Squid E. Seid

RIP- Jane Henson, Co- Creator of The Muppets

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Big Bird & Joey Arias

Joey Arias and Big Bird  at a benefit honoring Cheryl, one of Jane Henson’s daughters’ who followed in the family footsteps. RIP Jane.


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Rodent Bait

Friday Night Box’in…

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(Post Show) ICONS

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Elizabeth Streb and Peggy Shaw.


TURNING film premier at DOCNYC

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The US premier of Antony’s and Charles Atlas film TURNING

The Gorgeous Women of TURNING surrounds director  Charles Atlas

 Producer Lucy Sexton making sure everything (including Charlie) is happening!

The Amazing Audience happily waits on the second best block-long  line of the week (the voting line still rules!)

Antony lovingly introduces Nomi Ruiz at the after party

Nomi melts our collective hearts

Charlie Atlas finds the orange light and glows in the aftermath of the phenomenal evening

And you too can share in the extraordinary celebration – TURNING is screening at

The IFC Cinema in NYC 

November 16-22

i was on this tour….please trust me…this is not to be missed….this is love

Happy National Coming Out Day! 11/11/12

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Out, Loud and Proud!


In Honor of The GOP Convention Talking Points…..

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The Voluptuous GENIUS of Karen Black at Antony’s Meltdown

The absolutely phenomenal artist, Kembra Pfahler, and her Karen Black dancers’ backstage before and after the show of shows!